garden makeover


Professional garden makeover services

For a gorgeous garden you want to spend time in, give it a makeover. With our help, your yard will look like new. Want more street appeal? Let’s focus on your front yard, too. Selling your house? We can help you attract more buyers, who are willing to match or go over your asking price. Do you run a business and have been ignoring your garden maintenance? Bring us in and we’ll update it, so it’s also a lucrative selling point.


Decades of experience updating Adelaide gardens

We’ve been travelling all over Adelaide visiting homes and businesses for many years. No job (or garden) is too big or small for us. Driven by our love for the garden design, we’re happy to work on anything from a small patch of grass at a unit to a large commercial outdoor space. The great part about what we do is the result. We can create dramatic change, with small, stylish tweaks. So, when we talk about a garden makeover, don’t assume it’ll cost tens of thousands.


We take pride in seeing you view your garden and outdoor area as something to be proud of – to enjoy and bring people together, as both a lifestyle and financial asset. It starts with an on-site, no-obligation consultation. Here, we’ll go through your vision for the space, discuss your lifestyle, budget, and future plans. We’ll create a custom plan to give your garden a facelift and talk about any ongoing maintenance. Our goal is to shift your garden off your to-do list, so you can just enjoy it. All our makeover projects are designed with low maintenance and water efficiency in mind.

Artful domestic & commercial landscaping services

You’ll love our artistic flair and creativity, alongside our practical skills and technical knowledge. The makeover is the overarching service, with a range of capabilities that allow us to make your vision a reality. This includes mowing and lawn care, restoration and turf laying, weeding and pest control, hard and soft landscaping, watering system and irrigation installations, garden mulching, plant selection, tree or hedge trimming and pruning, soil preparation and restoration, clean-ups, and pre-sale work.


We care about the environment

Our team of garden technicians create beautiful landscapes that reduce environmental impact. From the design itself to the materials we use, lowering environmental harm is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil oasis to read in, to extend your entertainment area or add a path to protect the lawn, we can do it all.


Investing in your garden can save money on water costs, help improve the health of grass and plants, and allows you to enjoy the outdoor space you own more. You can’t put a price on that. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation on-site consultation. You’ll wonder why you didn’t update the garden before, after you see it. Start imagining your ‘new’ garden, then let’s talk about your dreams when we come out.