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High and Low Pressure Cleaning

All high pressure cleaners are not alike, as their equipment varies in quality and versatility. We offer high and low pressure cleaning via our superior equipment, which provides both ends of the pressure spectrum. This enables us to treat different surfaces with the right amount of pressure. Whereas the cheap cowboys just blast everything with the one setting and can cause unnecessary damage in the process. High and low pressure cleaning is the way to go if you want your property looked after and your cleaning done with skill and adaptive prowess. Call for a detailed quote on your pressure cleaning requirements.

We Offer High & Low Pressure Cleaning in Adelaide

Just like in life, there are times when you want to ramp things up and other times when you want a quieter touch. Our pressure cleaning service provides both speeds for all sorts of jobs. On the roof it is a good idea to use lower pressure when cleaning tiles, so as not to dislodge them. Similarly, when cleaning tennis courts a low-pressure clean preserves the surface paint. We ramp up the high pressure when required and it is right for the task at hand. Talk to us today about your particular requirements going forward with your house pressure cleaning or commercial needs.