garden irrigation

Garden irrigation services

If you’re concerned about water efficiency and auditing, garden irrigation is essential. At the core of any irrigation system is intelligent design. This is where we come in, one of Adelaide’s leading teams of garden technicians. With a visit to your home and a consultation, we can create an irrigation system for your needs and garden. With various products and solutions on the market, it’s important to get the advice of the experts.


Keep your garden in good health & save money

Installing an irrigation system is a delicate balance of saving water and giving your garden what it needs to thrive. The great news is, it can be as simple as switching to water-saving nozzles or installing timed solutions. This is why consulting with garden technicians is the best first step.


A well-kept garden bursting to life is one you want to spend time in. It’s the whole reason why you have a backyard – to enjoy, relax in and call your own little sanctuary. And with Adelaide’s often harsh climate, reaching and maintaining that quality of garden isn’t always easy. With an irrigation system made for your garden, it’s entirely possible.


Adelaide’s garden technicians

Not only do we specialise in irrigation and maintaining sustainable gardens, but we can also help you with mowing and lawn care, turf laying, weeding, pest control, landscaping, plant selection, hedge and tree trimming, and soil preparation. Garden mulching, clean-ups, makeovers and commercial services are also in range our capabilities. Getting your watering system right is just one part of the puzzle that is your garden. Work with a team that can do it all for you.

For environmentally-conscious homes

We appeal to homes (and businesses) that are focused on saving money and even more, helping the environment. In Adelaide, we know better than any other state that water is a luxury. It’s a finite source that we need to care for and respect. A smart, intelligent irrigation system is a huge part of this. There’s an array of options to choose from including drip irrigation, sub-system, and sprinkler systems which will make your lawn look fantastic and make the task of lawn mowing even easier.. Ask us about additional features such as recycled or rainwater connections.

Irrigation system repairs & maintenance

With us, it’s not a set and forget service. We work with you over the months and years to ensure your irrigation system is working efficiently (and is not wasting water). If you have a watering system that needs to be checked or repaired by a team of experienced technicians, we can help. Maintenance is a core part of our business, whether or not we installed the system.


Let’s make sure your garden stays green, nourished and abundant all year round. With the right irrigation system, you won’t feel guilty whenever you water your plants. Contact our team of garden designers and technicians today for a no-obligation quote. For breakages, blockages or any other watering system issue, speak to our repairs and servicing team. Small tweaks can go a long way when it comes to saving water.