yard cleanup


Adelaide’s best yard clean-up service

Tidying up the yard before putting your house on the market is essential. And this means more than removing leaves, branches and other debris. It’s climbing ladders to sculpt trees, pruning hedges, mulching, controlling weeds, fertilising and soil maintenance, slashing, mowing, and installing irrigation solutions. For this, it requires a team of garden technicians who specialise in installations, maintenance, repairs, and makeovers. If you’re moving house, let our team clean-up your yard so it’s a selling point. We travel all over Adelaide and work on gardens of all sizes.


Hire us, before you put up the for-sale sign  

No matter what condition your garden is in, book in a no-obligation consultation as you prepare your house for sale. Let us transform it into an inviting, gorgeous oasis – that becomes part of the reason why people want to buy it.


We offer customised pre-sale clean-up services. It’s important to complete the on-site consultation, so we can discuss your needs, the target buyers, and budget. Here are some of the services we can provide:


  • Initial blowouts to clear leaves & debris
  • Pressure cleaning driveways, paths & patios
  • Garden preparation such as brush cutting & fertiliser application
  • Mowing & edging lawns
  • Mulching & weeding garden beds
  • Planting trees, hedges & shrubs
  • Pruning
  • Green waste removal
  • Checking & preserving timber structures
  • Plant selection & replacement
  • Garden styling and soft landscape makeovers.
  • Pre sale wash


Eye-catching gardens

You only have a few seconds to capture possible buyers. They navigate around the house to all rooms and wander around the garden. It’s important to think about how you want them to feel. They’ll quickly make an association, an assumption about the house based on the garden. Do you want them to feel calm and relaxed? Like it’s a tranquil oasis, a place just for them to return to at the end of a busy day? This is possible with a full garden clean-up and makeover. Don’t leave your yard maintenance to the last minute. You want to capture people with its cleanliness, style, and the feeling it evokes.


Book a garden clean-up, before photos

Make sure you arrange a pre-sale yard clean-up BEFORE you the photographer arrives. Preparing and transforming your garden prior to getting the photos done is important because it gives prospects accurate visuals of the house. There’s no point spending all that time and money on awesome photography, if that’s not what they see. If you’re working with a short timeline, our team can work with you to ensure the garden is clean. We’ll make it a priority because we understand how essential it is to tell a positive story about your home.


Feel confident about your garden

Because we work across a range of garden services, from mowing to complete makeovers, you can sleep well at night knowing there aren’t any issues left unattended. You can show off that gorgeous garden and feel confident that it’s in good condition. Contact us today to organise a pre-sale clean-up service for your home in Adelaide.