presale wash


Pre Sale Wash Adelaide

All successful real estate agents recommend giving your property a pre sale wash. Sprucing up the old girl can attract more offers and higher prices. Our professional high pressure pre sale wash will transform the look and feel of your house or building. We provide pressure cleaning to the exteriors of homes and businesses around Adelaide. Why would you present your property for sale in an unwashed state? A clean visage can strip years off any establishment or house. Call for a quote today. We offer some of the most affordable prices on the market.

Preparing Properties for Sale

If you are preparing a property for sale, we can make a world of difference to the appearance of your house. Our high-pressure cleaning service removes years of grime and embedded dirt, stains and discolouration, mould and muck. We make homes and businesses look younger and fresher in a matter of minutes. A pre-sale wash will clean your roof, your walls, your eaves and fascia, tiles, pavers and more. We make a big difference for not a lot of cost.

Washed Houses Sell for More

We all judge things by their appearance it is common knowledge. Therefore, it makes sense to make your house look its best prior to putting it on the market. Cleaned houses sell for more, it is a no brainer really. Our high pressure cleaning service can wash the exterior of your house and property to garner rave reviews.