Grass slashing services

Is your lawn out of control? Whether you have a small backyard or a large multi-acre property, we can handle overgrown grass. Our Adelaide team of garden technicians slash all types of areas including hilly blocks, garden beds, and tree-lined properties. With our high-quality equipment and tools, you can expect a gorgeous, well-kept garden. Healthy lawns require regular care. We know you’re busy, so let us do it for you. Keep your weekends free for the things you enjoy.


Your Adelaide garden contractors

Whether you need us for a one-off garden slashing job or ongoing services, we can help. In a bushfire-prone state like South Australia, it’s important to keep your grass well-maintained. Our teamwork on properties all over Adelaide, particularly in areas such as the Hills, where fires are a yearly occurrence. Let’s protect your property and community by investing in regular grass slashing. For health reasons, it’s also important to keep your grass cut to a reasonable level.


The benefits of grass slashing

Alongside reducing fire and health risks, grass slashing is useful to tame wild lawns and help it grow evenly. By bringing it back to a normal size through slashing, your property looks neat and tidy. You have access to the entire yard again, which is a great feeling. Instead of taking hours to cut long grass (and potentially damaging machines), slashing allows us to reduce length in no time. Then, ride-on mowers are able to manage the grass again.


If you’ve had an issue with weed overgrowth before, slashing can be of great benefit. The longer you leave weeds unattended, the harder it gets to cut through. Slashing brings weeds down to size so they can be sprayed and managed.

No mess, no noise garden slashing

We use the latest slashers on our Adelaide client’s lawns and gardens. Our goal? To produce the best results, in the quickest time. Our equipment works fast, efficiently, and doesn’t make much noise. This means we won’t wake sleepy babies and shift workers – or, if it’s a business, your employees won’t be distracted. Our team leaves your property better than we found it. Expect high-powered machinery that can slash down any grassed area, fast.


Full-service garden maintenance & design  

Garden slashing is one of our speciality services. It’s part of a suite of offerings for homes and businesses. Our team of garden technicians can help you with lawn moving, topiary, irrigation, hedging and pruning, turf, pre-sale clean-up, mulching, makeovers, gutter cleaning, weed control, strip and seals for pavers, fertilising, and commercial maintenance.


Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to maintain, re-imagine and restore your garden. We travel all over Adelaide and no job is too big or small. If your lawn is overgrown and plants unloved, don’t be ashamed. Our team understands we’re all busy and often, the backyard doesn’t get preference. Start looking for inspiration and ignite your desire to transform your garden. Together, we can make your garden dreams a reality… beginning with slashing and starting anew.