pergols pressure washing


Outdoor Timber and Pergola Pressure Washing

People are amazed at the difference we make to outdoor timber and pergolas via our high pressure cleaning. These structures look like new again after a blast with pressure washing. Some have used terms like rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal and restore. We can make a real difference to the exterior appearance of outdoor timber and pergolas in Adelaide. Pressure cleaning provides safe but highly effective force to remove stains, dirt, mould and years of grime from surfaces sch as pergolas and even pavers. I am reminded of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel after it was cleaned by professional restoration experts – the wow factor blew away millions of misconceptions about this fine art and the immediacy of its vivid colour.

Restoring Your Pergola and Outdoor Timber

High pressure cleaning in the right hands can transform your old timber structures into reborn forms of wonder. We provide experienced and highly trained cleaning operators to pressure wash your much-loved things back to brilliant life. The patina of age can, often, be accepted with good grace, but if an affordable alternative exists it should be explored at least. We offer a moderately priced exceptional service, which delivers extraordinary results.

Even the Doghouse Can be Restored

Give Fido a new start in life with a high-pressure makeover of his kennel. Yes, even the doghouse can be restored by us! Call for a free quote now.