Commercial Garden ‘Manicurists’

As a business, your garden or lawned area plays an important role in showcasing a professional appearance. Homeowners can postpone garden maintenance because it’s only the family who sees the yard. But for businesses, you have customers, employees and the public interacting with the yard. This means it’s instrumental in boosting your professional appearance.


Overgrown hedges, long wild grass, unhealthy plants and broken tiles can make your business look run-down, no matter how great your interior is. We understand, business owners are busy and the yards often get overlooked. We’re proud to offer commercial garden maintenance for all types of businesses across Adelaide. From shops, offices and restaurants to schools, sporting facilities and large warehouses, we do it all. If you’ve got grass and a garden on your premises, we can maintain it.


Full-service garden maintenance

Hiring us, you’ll get a team who works across every facet of garden and lawn care. Our experienced team of garden technicians are trained, insured, and reliable. Over the years, we’ve worked all over Adelaide, on a range of properties big and small. Whether you have a small patch of lawn that sits right in front of your office or a large oval that’s enjoyed by dozens of people, bring in our experts to keep it looking fabulous.


Here are a few of the services we can perform:


  • Mowing & lawn care
  • Lawn restoration & turf laying
  • Weeding & pest control
  • Hard & soft landscaping
  • Watering system & irrigation installation
  • Plant selection
  • Tree or hedge trimming & pruning
  • Soil preparation & restoration
  • Garden mulching
  • Garden clean-ups
  • Pre-sale makeovers.
  • High pressure cleaning


Gardeners who won’t interrupt your business

Running a business requires wearing many hats. We understand why garden and lawn care falls to the end of your always-growing list. But it’s an essential part of reinforcing a positive brand association. Our technicians understand you’ve got a business to run, employees to oversee, and clients to serve. We can work while you do, without interrupting your daily business functions. If your garden or lawn gets a lot of foot traffic or is in a public space, we can coordinate a time that’s usually less busy.


Customised garden & lawn maintenance plans

Do you always forget when the garden was last worked on? Now that won’t be a problem with us as your garden maintenance partners. Once we come out for a no-obligation on-site consultation, we’ll put together a maintenance and upkeep plan for you. All you need to remember is the day and time we’re coming out, then we’ll handle the rest. You’ll love how easy the whole process is – and how you walk out to see a stunning garden.


Enhance your reputation

Let’s make your business known for how gorgeous the garden is. If you have employees, we can create the garden and lawn area to be a little oasis, a place for them to go and relax. Done right, your garden can be a selling point, not just to your clients but your employees, too. It says ‘this company cares about wellbeing and mental health.’ Start the process by booking in a no-obligation consultation at your business.