weed control


Remove those pesky weeds

Even if you enjoy getting out in the garden, there’s one part of it you’ll never enjoy: weeding. Controlling weeds is an art in itself and something you certainly don’t want to do alone. When it comes to weeds, it requires a more intelligent strategy than ‘pull them out’. This is where we come in, as professional gardeners. We travel all over Adelaide, to homes and businesses, updating and maintaining gardens. Working with us, you’ll never have to touch a weed again.


Because we’re garden technicians, we can perform a range of services, beyond weeding. This includes:


  • Mowing & lawn care
  • Lawn restoration & turf laying
  • Pest control
  • Hard & soft landscaping
  • Watering system & irrigation installation
  • Plant selection
  • Tree or hedge trimming & pruning
  • Soil preparation & restoration
  • Garden clean-ups
  • Pre-sale makeovers
  • Commercial garden maintenance.
  • Bin cleaning


Call us, when you’re sick of ‘losing’ to weeds

You’re not alone if you feel like you’re losing the never-ending battle to weeds. Removing weeds isn’t just a constant problem. It also affects the look of your yard and compromises the health of the garden. With our assistance, we’ll fix your weed problem for good. Regular weeding combined with spraying is the perfect remedy – both of which we take care of for you. Mulching and non-chemical products are other weed control solutions. We’ll talk about any of your concerns in the initial consultation. Some clients have young children and pets, so natural remedies are the way to go. It comes down to your individual preference.


No more unsightly weeds… finally!

Imagine for a second, not always seeing weeds in your yard. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s possible, with our help. Weeds aren’t just bad to look at. They damage grass, trees and flowerbeds, as they compete for space, oxygen, water, and other important nutrients. This is why it’s worthwhile adding a weed removal service to your regular garden maintenance. It’ll save you ten-fold down the line. Keep your garden and grass looking fabulous, simply by keeping weeds at bay. If you do just one thing in the yard, it’s this.


Don’t spend your weekends pulling up weeds  

Leave the physically demanding work to us, your local Adelaide garden technicians. Have our professional weed removal team do the job for you. Put your feet up and relax with a glass of wine, until we’re done… and your beautiful garden is waiting to be admired. Book a one-off service if you need us to tame your weeds or better still, let’s create a maintenance schedule. This way, you won’t have to worry about calling us again to come out – it’ll already be in our calendar. All you need to do is remember the day and time.


Regular care ensures your garden gets the attention it needs. And you enjoy a beautiful, weed-free outdoor area with your friends and family. Talk to us if you have a budget in mind and we’ll work out a maintenance plan to suit.