Enhance the look of your property

Tree, hedge and shrub pruning is one of the most effective ways to give your garden a makeover. It’s a service that improves the look of a yard and gives it that tidy, well-maintained look. If your hedges and scrubs are overdue for a trim, we can help. We’re one of Adelaide’s top garden companies. Part designers, part maintenance technicians, we can transform your garden in a fast, cost-effective way. No job is too big or small.


Let’s give your garden a trim

Do you have a lot of bushes, shrubs and hedging plants in your yard? Enhance your curb appeal and make the backyard your garden sanctuary by tidying up the greenery. If they’re left unmaintained and overgrown, your garden looks too ‘busy’. It impacts the quality of your lifestyle, especially if the backyard was one of the reasons why you purchased the home. The same goes for businesses – overgrowth can tarnish your brand, by evoking questions like: ‘this company doesn’t take care of their property, what does it say about the way they treat their people?’


Hedge & shrub care

No two hedges are the same, hence why we create custom maintenance and care plants for every client. We work with all types of hedges, shrubs, bushes, and trees. As professional gardeners, we have a keen eye and artistic flair, allowing us to gorgeously shape your hedges. We bring along the finest tools and equipment to allow us to do this efficiently (and within your budget). An overgrown hedge isn’t just a hassle; it’s unattractive to look at. After we’ve worked on your property, your garden will be an oasis. A place that you go to unwind, connect with nature, and yourself.


Adelaide hedge trimming

Correct trimming is more than just shape. It requires a professional gardener’s experience and knowledge. We understand details like access to sunlight, good pruning, cutting techniques, seasons, and plant species. It’s not just about cutting the hedge to keep it from looking overgrown. By hiring our hedge trimmers, you get a wealth of knowledge about various facets of garden care – irrigation and watering systems, mowing and lawn care, turf laying, weeding, pest control, landscaping, plant selection, and soil preparation. Also, garden mulching, clean-ups, makeovers and commercial services.


Tree pruning

Tree care is also an important part of maintaining the overall health of your garden. Regular pruning keeps your trees ‘happy’ and helps them live longer. Our tree pruning services will help your landscape thrive by attending to concerns such as structural integrity, shape, and appearance. As a result, you’ll enjoy the beauty of magnificent, shade-creating trees that are safe, strong, and one of the best parts of your yard. If you’re looking for Adelaide gardeners who can care for your trees, hedges, shrubs or bushes, get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation. We can create an ongoing maintenance care package that’s custom to your garden, lifestyle needs, plans, and budget. You can also contact us about any of our pressure cleaning services.